Apex Domain www donate token cloud archive legacy
Subdomain Purpose Status
Apex Domain Forward to www subdomain
www Static Information Live using github pages
donate Accept Donations Secure payment by square
token Authentication Under Development
cloud Data Services Under Development
archive Data Archives Under Development
legacy Historical Source Under Development

Apex Domain

The Apex Domain of is not available yet. The DNS entry points to the Sutton SignWriting flagship server. The server configuration needs a definition, redirect, and security certificates.


The www subdomain of is live on GitHub pages. This subdomain hosts the main documentation for Sutton SignWriting along with various project sites.


The token subdomain is used to provision and validate Json Web Tokens for Sutton SignWriting authentication. JWT is used to validate access to routes using header authentication and URI. Use "jti" to pass via URL query parameter.


The cloud subdomain is under active development. The cloud will collect and organize writing by country, language, and channel.

The source code is on GitHub.


The archive subdomain will be used to host large datasets by group and project.

Project data will be divided between:

  • rawdata - starting point
  • sourcedata - nicely formatted TSV and JSON data
  • derivatives - useful prebuilt by pipeline


The legacy subdomain will be used to host historical websites and documents.